Thursday, September 22, 2016

Forgiving Myself

Madison, I forgive you for wasting so much time

For going around in circles

Madison, I forgive you for fighting a battle that was never yours to begin with
Getting so wrapped in thoughts that you've neglected the present

You've been at a standstill
You've made yourself even more tired

I forgive you for being silent
You lost your voice for a time
You sank deeper in the mire

Fighting with yourself is utterly exhausting
Because you can't run away from yourself

Your thoughts are there
Your insecurities are there

There is no one there beating you up
You've done it to yourself

Madison, you are more than the lies the enemy tells
Madison, you hold the key to your freedom

Summon the strength within
The strength to fight the fight when life says, "Just quit."

You matter!
You are doing enough!

Believe in yourself
That is the difference between battles won and lost

Madison, there is more than what you see
There's more than what you feel

You can penetrate the noise
Rise up!