Friday, September 09, 2016

A Sudden Shift

A sudden shift

I pray for a sudden shift in your mind
I pray for a sudden shift in your heart

For so long you have labored under the burden
So many cares, so many hurts
Squeezing the life out of you
Stealing your joy
Robbing you of peace
You could find no tranquility

Try as you might
You couldn't escape
Though you changed your surroundings
Those thoughts lingered
Hanging like cobwebs in the corner of your mind
Looping on repeat
Taking you back in time

Taking you back to the bad memories
And words that should have never been said

Oh, what a sense of dread
What misery
Each time that unwelcome visitor came
He wedged himself into your innermost thoughts

You couldn't separate what was real 
You now believed that you didn't matter
You didn't exist anymore
You were always attached to someone
To that elusive dream they had

Now you are free
Instead of spreading your wings, you are like a baby learning to walk
Stand up. Stand tall.

You have something to offer
You have much to give
Find your voice
It may come out slowly at first, but soon it will ring loud and clear

Come toward the light
It is a new day
Let nothing or no one stand in your way

I know you are scared
You've been isolated so long
Put one foot in front of the other
Every step means you are getting stronger

I look at what you've accomplished in a short while
I smile
Because there is a phoenix rising from the ashes
Great good will come out of your pain