Friday, September 30, 2016

Empty Me

I lay myself on Your altar and say, “Here am I, Lord. Take me and use me. Make something out of me that is more than a pile of flesh. Inhabit me. Consume me. I am Yours. I surrender.

Once I was broken. Wounded by people. Cut by words said and unsaid. You healed me. You put the broken pieces back together. You mended me.

I confess there are still some areas of my heart that need mending. There are still some areas that are not whole. I don’t want to be a half-healed person.

I know You are not a halfway God. I know that You are faithful to Your Word. I know that You have started a good work in me and You will be faithful to complete it.

Empty me of my selfishness
Empty me of my pride
Empty me of the desire to have the last word, to prove I am right

Empty me of criticisms
You said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Create in me a clean heart
I want to be pure
I don’t be full of hatred and bitterness
Anger and strife

Empty me of myself
So that You can dwell here
Empty me of my vanity
Empty me so I can clearly see

I want to see You fully 
Clothed in glory, strength, and power

I want to know Your wisdom
I want to comprehend Your ways
Know the depths of love
More than anything

Empty me so I can be filled
Empty me so I have something to give
Something of worth
Not riches or gold
Something that abides on the inside