Monday, March 02, 2015

Things my Nephew Says 2

My nephew, Mason, had brought a tape measure for me to strap up a big truck. This is the conversation that followed.

"Now let it go so it can snap back."
As I let it go, it didn't snap back. "I don't think this one will snap back," I said. "You have to just feed it back in like this."

Mason said, "I can do it."

I let go and let him do it. He started pushing it back in.
"There you go!" I said.
"No, don't talk! Du(You) make me lose the power to do it."
"Okay," I said.

He came into my room wearing a hat my brother had gotten several years ago at Mardi Gras. It is covered gold, yellow, and purple glitter with a green feather on the top.

Earlier today he said, "Ding!" while holding the big gold ball that's attached to the green feather.
"Why is the bell not dinging," he asked.
"Because it's not really a bell."

Wearing the hat again, he said, "I have a cowboy hat, a belt, but I missing sumpin' (something)!"

"I need some boots on!"

One day, I turned on Smokey and the Bandit. It's a hilarious movie about truck drivers and other characters who do crazy stuff and the law spends all their time trying to catch them. Since Mason's daddy drives a transfer truck, my mom thought he would like it.

In between watching YouTube videos about monster trucks and mud holes, he watched some of Smokey and the Bandit.

In one scene, several of the transfer truck drivers agreed to park side by side to form a bridge that the cars could race over. 

Later that day, Mason brought his transfer trucks over to my chair in the living room.

"Hold it teady (steady) while I dit(get) ano-der(another) truck."
He brought over a big monster truck saying, "Now, trap(strap) it on so it won't fall off." His daddy has to strap on each load before he heads out.

"It's not balanced yet, baby. We need some more trucks," I said.
"Hold it teady (steady).
"Got it."

He came back with a smaller die-cast transfer truck. "This will balance it!" he said.

To my amazement it worked. But Mason wasn't done.

"Let me go get another truck!" 

And so, we tried to balance a monster truck, a die cast transfer truck, and a heavy trailer on top of the big transfer truck trailer. By the end, my arms were sore, but Mason was satisfied with what he'd accomplished.

Just sharing some great memories from life with a toddler! Mason has such a great imagination!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Toy with a Voice

All of us were sleeping 

Suddenly, I heard a drum beat.
What was that noise?

Minutes pass, and it happens again.
Now, I heard a car
Revving louder


Finally, we have peace.

Vroom, vroooom.
Bonk! BONK!
The sound pierced through the darkness.
Was it a phone?
Was it a truck?

Mama, what IS that noise?
I don't know, but if it happens again, I'll find out.

Short, loud bursts.

Vroom, vrooom.

It's got to be a toy.
But what makes that noise?

It's not in the living room
Or behind closed doors
Lurking in the shadows
Was an especially curious noise

Soon, it wailed louder
Mama looked for the noise.
Seeing a blue light
She thought, "Oh my gosh! What in the world?"

In the bathroom she found the culprit
It was one of the boys' toys!

Lying on the floor
Was the plastic phone 
That used to chirp and squeak with happiness
And even play the drums

But one fateful day
It was dropped in the commode.
Just a little water changed it forevermore.

Now, it spontaneously burst forth with sound
Vroom, vroom.
Rawr. Ahh!
I won't be quiet now!

"It's not supposed to work if you don't touch it," Mama said.
Interrupting sleep,
Jolting me out of bed
This toy had become a source of dread.

Mama said, "I know what I'll do
I'll take the batteries out!"
Gone are the revving engines
And ear-splitting sounds.
I've got the power now!

And so we drifted off to sleep
And my nephews were oblivious to the sounds of the night
That gave us all such a fright.

Each time you press it
It is a mystery.
Will it sound like a car, a chainsaw, a tiger?
No one knows what it will be.

The toy has a voice,
Morphing anew each time.
Muttering indistinguishable sounds 
It is sure to confound.

This simple toy 
Was begging to be heard
Understood? Never!
It's just absurd.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


connected wires

Internet Connect © Marquinhos Schnaider via
People have detached from the simple things
Want to go their own way
Noses in screens

Can't engage in a conversation

Detached from family
Thinking they have friends
That illusion is fading steadily

Obsessed with likes, comments, and opinions
Whatever happened to being an individual?

Inundated with the latest news
If you don't wear this
If you ever say that
You can't hang with my crew

Detached from reality
Never knowin' they're sinking
Slinking into a pit
Has a child's mentality

I want this 
I need that
Who texted me?
I missed that?!

Gossip, chatter
Can't relate
Because they make no mistakes

Vision is murky
Unable to see dangers lurking
In the electronic vacuum 
Mommy can't save you

Fake profiles, secrets, and more
Didn't someone warn you?
Even though you're in too deep
Can't escape that screen

When I try to unplug
Read a book
The screen beckons me, "Come back. You need me. I am your drug."

Power me up.
Keep me by your side.
As long as you have me, everything will be alright.

Detached. Unaware. 
No personality.
Void of all feeling.
Evidence you are prisoner of the technology lair.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Verdict


Balance © Stephen Stacey via

The balance is set
Which way will it go?
One tip and everything changes

Each side sits still
Waiting for my next move
Side to side, suspended in the air
My hands tremble. It is such a heavy burden to bear.

The verdict is coming
There is no way to stop it
Faster, faster

Life or death?
Right or wrong?
Fact or fiction?
Bond servant or free?

How do I choose?
Why can't I see?

I am blinded by my own misery
Haunted by a sense of duty

Carefully placing a coin in one side
The pendulum shifts
The mood has changed
No longer stale
Dynamic, shifting, swaying

And then, the dust settles
The choice has been made
Will I live to see another day?

Palms are sweaty
I am desperate to be rid of this weight
Flinging all of my chips at the balance, laying it all on the table
I have nothing to lose

In a moment of clarity, my eyes see a faint glow
Do I dare to hope?

Alas, I leave the pendulum
Unbalanced, teetering
I have emptied everything into a hunk of metal

Now I go
Steeling myself for the answer
Head up, shoulders back

The verdict is in.