Thursday, September 22, 2016

Forgiving Myself

Madison, I forgive you for wasting so much time

For going around in circles

Madison, I forgive you for fighting a battle that was never yours to begin with
Getting so wrapped in thoughts that you've neglected the present

You've been at a standstill
You've made yourself even more tired

I forgive you for being silent
You lost your voice for a time
You sank deeper in the mire

Fighting with yourself is utterly exhausting
Because you can't run away from yourself

Your thoughts are there
Your insecurities are there

There is no one there beating you up
You've done it to yourself

Madison, you are more than the lies the enemy tells
Madison, you hold the key to your freedom

Summon the strength within
The strength to fight the fight when life says, "Just quit."

You matter!
You are doing enough!

Believe in yourself
That is the difference between battles won and lost

Madison, there is more than what you see
There's more than what you feel

You can penetrate the noise
Rise up!

Friday, September 09, 2016

A Sudden Shift

A sudden shift

I pray for a sudden shift in your mind
I pray for a sudden shift in your heart

For so long you have labored under the burden
So many cares, so many hurts
Squeezing the life out of you
Stealing your joy
Robbing you of peace
You could find no tranquility

Try as you might
You couldn't escape
Though you changed your surroundings
Those thoughts lingered
Hanging like cobwebs in the corner of your mind
Looping on repeat
Taking you back in time

Taking you back to the bad memories
And words that should have never been said

Oh, what a sense of dread
What misery
Each time that unwelcome visitor came
He wedged himself into your innermost thoughts

You couldn't separate what was real 
You now believed that you didn't matter
You didn't exist anymore
You were always attached to someone
To that elusive dream they had

Now you are free
Instead of spreading your wings, you are like a baby learning to walk
Stand up. Stand tall.

You have something to offer
You have much to give
Find your voice
It may come out slowly at first, but soon it will ring loud and clear

Come toward the light
It is a new day
Let nothing or no one stand in your way

I know you are scared
You've been isolated so long
Put one foot in front of the other
Every step means you are getting stronger

I look at what you've accomplished in a short while
I smile
Because there is a phoenix rising from the ashes
Great good will come out of your pain

Friday, August 26, 2016

I Am Not

I am not weak because I don't fit the mold

I am not weak because I ask for help
I am not weak because I give
I am not weak because I share

I am not weak because I cry
You can't live this life like you are invincible

Being misunderstood is common
Never succumb to other's opinions
So many voices, so little time

Do this, go this way
You can't do this don't you know that?

I am so tired of the underlying current
It's in their countenance
If not in their words

It's as if everyone can feel but me
I'm not sure why

I'm not going to hide
I'm not going away
Please give me time
Please give me space

To process things
To get strong
Without you waiting to throw stones

Everyone is pointing out my weaknesses
When they have their own
They are going around in circles
Completely chaotic with no real purpose

I'm done listening
I'm done listening to the noise

Blah blah blah
Yadda yadda yadda

I've realized maybe they are talking about themselves
I'm the easy target
They like to pinpoint my problems

I'm not like you
I don't talk like that
No one is perfect
When will they see that?

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Book Review: Captain Mama's Surprise by Graciela TiscareƱo-Sato

Captain Mama's Surprise is the second book in the Captain Mama's series. It's another bilingual book in English in Spanish. This time, Captain Mama takes her son, Marco, and his second grade class on a field trip to see the airplane she flies on. The class meets the crew and learns what each crew member does and the process of refueling a plane in mid-air. 

I’d seen airplanes refueling in movies, but I learned lots of new things while reading this book. I didn’t know what all a copilot of an airplane was responsible for, and I have never seen an airplane map up close. So cool!

I could see many first and second graders loving this book! Since it has vocabulary words, it would be perfect for their age group.

Graciela has also included an activity in the back of the book.

When I found out the surprise, I wanted to be a kid in Marco’s class! I won't spoil the ending. Buy the book to find out what happens! I know the third book promises even more fun and adventure! Both of these books gave me an even deeper appreciation for the men and women who have served our nation.

You can buy this book and the patch at Captain Mama's website, Amazon, or wherever books are sold. Graciela would love to come speak about her newest book at YOUR school or library!