Monday, February 16, 2015

The Verdict


Balance © Stephen Stacey via

The balance is set
Which way will it go?
One tip and everything changes

Each side sits still
Waiting for my next move
Side to side, suspended in the air
My hands tremble. It is such a heavy burden to bear.

The verdict is coming
There is no way to stop it
Faster, faster

Life or death?
Right or wrong?
Fact or fiction?
Bond servant or free?

How do I choose?
Why can't I see?

I am blinded by my own misery
Haunted by a sense of duty

Carefully placing a coin in one side
The pendulum shifts
The mood has changed
No longer stale
Dynamic, shifting, swaying

And then, the dust settles
The choice has been made
Will I live to see another day?

Palms are sweaty
I am desperate to be rid of this weight
Flinging all of my chips at the balance, laying it all on the table
I have nothing to lose

In a moment of clarity, my eyes see a faint glow
Do I dare to hope?

Alas, I leave the pendulum
Unbalanced, teetering
I have emptied everything into a hunk of metal

Now I go
Steeling myself for the answer
Head up, shoulders back

The verdict is in.