Tuesday, February 17, 2015


connected wires

Internet Connect © Marquinhos Schnaider via freeimages.com
People have detached from the simple things
Want to go their own way
Noses in screens

Can't engage in a conversation

Detached from family
Thinking they have friends
That illusion is fading steadily

Obsessed with likes, comments, and opinions
Whatever happened to being an individual?

Inundated with the latest news
If you don't wear this
If you ever say that
You can't hang with my crew

Detached from reality
Never knowin' they're sinking
Slinking into a pit
Has a child's mentality

I want this 
I need that
Who texted me?
I missed that?!

Gossip, chatter
Can't relate
Because they make no mistakes

Vision is murky
Unable to see dangers lurking
In the electronic vacuum 
Mommy can't save you

Fake profiles, secrets, and more
Didn't someone warn you?
Even though you're in too deep
Can't escape that screen

When I try to unplug
Read a book
The screen beckons me, "Come back. You need me. I am your drug."

Power me up.
Keep me by your side.
As long as you have me, everything will be alright.

Detached. Unaware. 
No personality.
Void of all feeling.
Evidence you are prisoner of the technology lair.