Friday, February 13, 2015

A Poem about Truth

Truth is often sought after

Yet it is elusive

Almost within reach
But the facade and lies are keeping it hidden

Truth, I seek you
You are a comfort in the storm
Knowing that if I still pursue
I will find you

I abide in truth
Continuing to hold you in the highest regard
Forsaking the norm

Tear down the walls
Stop the mockery
The only side of the story I want is truth

Reading between the lines
No longer mystified
I see clearly

I've caught a glimpse of something real
Choosing to stoke the flame of truth
Once an ember, a glimmer, a tiny flame

Let the truth burn in me
Consume my thoughts
Guide my steps

What started out as a want has now become a need
A longing I can't deny
Tired of pretending and so many false pretenses

Can we all just be honest?
Can we all be true?
Can we all be one – me and you?

Truth requires a voice
Someone has to say something
Anyone, anywhere?

Truth calls
The echo is almost deafening
We have to be carriers
Carriers of truth

Now is the time
I've made up my mind
I will speak truth from the lowest valley to the highest peak
Because there is a place where truth reigns