Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Poem about Beauty

I see beauty all around me

It's in the sunshine streaming through my window
My nephew's laugh reaches the depths of my soul

Mountains. trees. rushing water.
Deep, calm, free

I am a mountain
Standing tall despite it all
Weathering storms
Full of mysteries

Beauty is in the simple things
A melody
The song I sing, flowing free

I am soaring, flying
High above the things that used to bother me

I am a conqueror
Strength. Shield. Victory.

I am a rubber band
Stretched and flexible
Bending every which way
Bouncing back from heartache

I am beautiful
I am loved
More than ever, I know I'm enough

My voice rings clear
Stronger than ever before
I won't hold back
No, no not anymore

Pressing through
Trudging on
There's a life to be lived
And it is beautiful, precious, pure

I see beauty in myself
It's in my smile
It's in my eyes

I wanna make the world beautiful
Speaking words of life
Walking side by side with harmony
Loving purely

That's beauty.


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