Tuesday, January 07, 2014

No High Heels, Please!

Several weeks ago, my podiatrist and surgeon agreed that I needed to get a brace (commonly referred to in the medical world as an AFO) to protect my right foot from fractures while I am waiting to have my next surgery. Yes, there will be surgery on my right foot in a few months. I'm not sure when. So, right before Christmas, we went to pick up the brace. It is pictured below. 

My left leg is tad shorter than the right, so I have always worn a heel lift in my left shoe. Due to some misunderstanding, a lift was made and attached to the brace for my right foot. I can think of no other way to describe it other than wearing a high heel. I am about 5'9  in height, and I felt REALLY jacked up, literally! I stood for just a few seconds in the office, and knew there was absolutely no way I could wear this brace for walking at home.

I only wore it for two hours, which was the length of the car ride home to prove my point to the orthotics people that I have very sensitive feet and am prone to bruising and lots of redness. These pictures attest to that. The unfortunate part is the brace also REALLY affected my hips. The right side ached for days afterward. So, I go back to the orthotics place on Friday to make an adjustment so the lift will be completely removed from the brace. And, just maybe, I can progress with walking a little more before my next surgery. The journey of adjusting to AFO's begins again...

AFO, custom orthotic

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