Sunday, December 29, 2013

Memories Mixed with Drama

Well, lots of things have happened since my last post!

  • I had a new nephew who came into the world November 14, 2013 weighing a whopping nine pounds with a head FULL of black hair! He seriously looks like a little baby doll.

  • I turned 24! Here are a few memories from that night:
When Eli and I blew out the candles on the cookie cake, Mason said, "Turn it back on!" He hasn't understood that candles are lit, but it was so cute.

Before we ate, Mason went from 0 to 60 when his best friend and cousin, Keller, came in our Memaw's house. He ran down the hallway and back, and I would try to catch him. If I did, I said, "I got you!" and he would excitedly run back to do it all over again. If I missed him, he said, "I got me!" and touched his back with those pudgy little toddler fingers.

Later, he found a quarter underneath the table. "I found mondey(money)! My mom asked him what he was going to buy with it, and without a moment's hesitation, he said, "An airplane!" I said, "Good, Aun-ie will need an airplane for you to take her lots of places!"

Mom always includes some little gift in with our present. This year it was sparkling apple cider. My brother was showing Mason his when he said, "I want to drank-ed it. Let me drank-ed it!" We got him a straw, and he sat on the couch like a big boy drinking his cider. My newest little nephew slept throughout the birthday dinner, but he is as sweet as ever!

To end the night, I wanted a hug from Mason. Using reverse psychology, Mom always says, "Don't you give Aun-ie a bear hug!"(Because everyone knows if you want a kid to do something, they won't because at two-and-a-half, it's all about asserting their independence  ) After a few seconds, he wraps those little arms around me and gives me the biggest hug EVER! For a moment, it seems as if time stands still as I hug him right back, savoring the moment that he has given me pure, unconditional love. I can honestly say my heart can't possibly be any fuller than it is right now or it might explode! Look around you, friends, and learn to appreciate the simple things. This birthday was priceless in SO many ways!
  • I got my boot off and was cleared by my doctor to start putting weight on my foot! I was planning on posting a picture of my scar because it looks AWESOME! It doesn't even look like a scar. I am beyond pleased. But, much to my dismay, after coming home tonight from a short trip, I discovered blood on my foot. I said, "Mama, can you please come in here?" All I could see was a sore, and it hurt. When Mama came in her, she discovered my crocs, which are very roomy and just slip on, had made blister and the blister had burst! I was so mad I wanted to cry! 
My next post will be about a new brace that I got, this post is longer than I expected. Stay tuned for that drama!