Saturday, August 03, 2013


Spinning, spinning, spinning

Mind is going in so many directions, trying to find somewhere to land
Do this, do that
In the midst, I seem to lose myself in the busyness
The busyness of living...of doing

How do I adjust to the quietness?
The seemingly monotonous routine
I realize in a moment that I have never really learned to rest
Rest my mind, my body
Turn off the switch that so often screams for me to do

It's okay to just take time to rest
Reenergize my thoughts
Fire up those creative pistons that have laid dormant, squashed by things

Now, I sit in the quiet, praying
Talking with my Father
Taking time to listen, really listen
Not rushed by the clock and impending sunrise

Now I wake up, look around my room and give myself a chance to wake up
After eating breakfast, I assume my usual position in my comfy lift chair and sometimes a good book
Sitting, savoring, being

Although I've entered a new phase void of papers and tests,
My life is my newest project
Madison: Unscripted
Liberating, Exciting, Limitless
And the next chapter is looking pretty good!