Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sweet Freedom

I'm happy to report that I am free for a MONTH! Free from papers, projects, presentations, and tests! What ever will I do with myself?! Blog, of course!

In case you didn't know I have been nominatedf or an award from WEGO Health. I've done several posts about them before. I now have a nifty little badge on my left sidebar that enables you to vote for me in just a few seconds! Just enter your email and hit endorse me!

In other news, I'm still having some foot issues, so I'm trying compression stockings.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday by studying for finals. Yep. :) I'm grateful for another year!!

My little nephew is growing like a weed! He's only 18 months, and already in a size 6 shoe (it is a tad big)! He is learning so much and just laughs at me when I use my headset with the Dragon voice recognition software that has been a lifesaver for me when I am not feeling well.

I've missed everyone!