Friday, December 21, 2012

What a Love!

It's 10:07 p.m, and I just need to write. It's one of those things that always calms me. I've had some thoughts about my nephew lately that I just want to preserve for memory's sake. Maybe twenty years from now, he'll read this blog and/or my diary to learn a little more about me.

He has learned so many words lately! Airplane, car, drink, and more are just a few. He still hasn't mastered Auntie M, but brings me things when asked.

About a month ago, after he was all clean from his bath, and I got a whiff of whatever soap my mom used, I instantly wanted to bottle up that moment - and scent - to keep forever. I guess my blog is one way of doing that. Even though he's not my child, I felt so much love right then that it seemed that my heart would most definitely burst right then and there! I find myself finishing my work quickly to savor his little laugh and his new found infatuation with tractors ever since my mom found YouTube videos. He will literally sit mesmerized at the computer. Well, at first he did, anyway. Now that he knows me or mom can pick a new video by moving the mouse, he will pick up my hand and put it on the mouse. It's his way of saying, "I want to watch something different!" He's too smart and picks up on things very quickly!

He loves one ebook on my Kindle Fire that I downloaded for him. Things that Go from iStory books. It was free and makes all kinds of noises with pictures off fire trucks, airplanes, race cars, etc.

He's growing up too fast, but I see traces of that baby he once was in his beautiful eyelashes, dancing eyes, and expressive gestures. Christmas is going to be FUN this year!

I'll do a life update soon, my mind has been on my nephew lately. :D