Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Memories Rewind: Halloween Throwback

While looking for a specific photo one day, I found this one and couldn't resist sharing. It was at my old church's fall festival, and I was not in the mood to have my picture taken. Mama made me anyway, and now I look back on this photo with fond memories! Yes, I had an attitude!  As you can see, my brother was not fazed by my antics. :) I was some kind of princess, but that's all I remember.  My mom just said I was Cleopatra!

P.S. You can nominate me for one of WEGO Health's Health Activist Awards by going here. Just make sure you put the name of my blog, which is Making my Mark. My name is Madison Sanders. The blog URL is They just ask you to tell them why I should be nominated. Winners will be featured on the WEGO Health network, which is a huge opportunity to raise awareness about cerebral palsy, strength, and overcoming adversity. Thanks in advance!


tam7777 said...

Look at that dark hair. I just had to try it. I found out at that moment dark brunette is not for me.