Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts on Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

Okay, Facebook has blew up with re-posting the Facebook Parenting:For the troubled teen video.  I have some thoughts on this.  I agree that she should have been punished, but the father went about it the wrong way.  First, he said her comments were disrespectful. Yes, she should have never said those things about her parents, but where do you think she learned that behavior?  He was cussing also in the video.   It's unfair to condemn her for something that he does himself. Parents should lead by example. 

Second, he could have done so much more with the laptop besides shooting it.  He never stopped to think that he could have sold it or given it to someone who really needed it.  What he did was show his daughter that it's okay to go nuts when your angry. In my time studying communication, I've learned that "fighting fire with fire" is not an effective way to get your point across.  In my opinion, the dad and daughter both need anger management classes.

Third, he is not the world's greatest parent.  What you seen in the video was the one instance that he did something about his daughter's behavior.  If he was such a good parent, he would have disciplined her long before now.  It seems like this girl has always gotten everything she wanted.  Hmm, I wonder who's fault that is?  A child is a mini version of his or her parents. If you're selfish and arrogant, chances are they will be too.  Discipline doesn't start when they hit those rebellious preteen years.  It starts when they are young like two and three year olds.  Growing up, my mom often reminded me of a time I wanted a toy at Wal-Mart. I threw a massive tantrum complete with lots of tears, kicking, and screaming. My mom replied, "No, you're not getting that. I'm leaving. You can get up and come with me if you want to."  As I watched my mom leaving the store, I decided really quick that the toy was not worth it. I dried my tears.  For those of you wondering, my world didn't cave in the day I didn't get the toy. In fact, it was the first lesson that I got in terms of not always getting what I want. 

People always complement me on my compassion, positive outlook, and manners.  If it wasn't for my mom's tough love throughout my life, I know I wouldn't be the woman I am today.