Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Choose Love, Not Racism

Who's Turn Is It? 94 ©Anissa Thompson
I've been busy with school work and my internship, but I wanted to take a minute to share something that has been on my heart.  Racism in any shape or form stinks.  Growing up, some people thought it was weird to be friends with a black person just because they were a different color. I'm going to be honest, growing up, I had more black friends who were quick to help me and stand up for me when I was made fun of than almost any other white friend I had. They respected me and treated me like a human and not like an outsider.  Granted, there were some black kids who made fun of me, but that's not unusual. 

I'm writing this because one day my little nephew is going to grow up. People are going to try to tell him what they believe is right and wrong, so I want to be clear for his sake.  I know how the world is.  They are cruel and unforgiving.  The simple truth is that God called each one of us to love everyone.  We shouldn't automatically say, "Black people are sorry because that is stereotyping ALL black people into one category.  That's simply not fair and not true.  There are sorry, lazy white people just the same.  In my Christian Ethics class, I'm learning the importance of examining all sides of an argument even closer than I would normally.

Instead of listening to society, my heart's cry during my prayer time is "Lord, help me see people as you see them."  I can't tell you how much my perspective has changed since I prayed that with a sincere heart.  God is the only person I have to answer to, so I am living my life for Him. People don't always agree with what I have to say and some won't like this post, but in order to reach people as God wants me to do, I have to ask myself the hard questions.  Mason, you will have to decide things for yourself as you get older, but God is your guide.  Just remember that if you want to live for Him, He will help you. You are not alone in your journey.  Stand up for what you believe in even if no one else is standing with you. I'm reminded when Jesus was on the cross, He endured shouts and criticism from the people. They were relentless.  Instead of arguing, Jesus simply let them talk because He knew He had a greater purpose. 

My precious nephew don't miss out on some great opportunities for friendships and learning experiences just because someone looks different than you or speaks different than you. I don't want you to be in the group of young people today who are so calloused and mean towards others just because someone said they should be.You will need other people in your life.  Take a chance. You never know who may need a friend. 

Love is not bound by color, race, or gender. Love freely. Love deeply. I want to be the best example I can for you. I'm not perfect and you will see in these posts that I have said the wrong thing before.   I will gladly share my mistakes in the hope they will help mold you into a caring, understanding young man. Just come ask me.


tam7777 said...

Wow what a post to leave for your nephew. Nothing like the Truth to set a person free. Old or young.