Monday, July 26, 2010

Only in my Dreams

Mama and I were lured into this shop by the tantalizing smells. Bottles lined the glass front counter. Tangerine, Roasted Pecan, and Cotton Candy were begging to be opened.

Mama lifted each one to smell it. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a red headed lady. She looked nice enough, but she was a sales woman after all.

"Can I help you find something?" she said in her perky voice.

"You just have to try the Tangerine perfume!" she said before Mama could respond. This lady reminded me of someone who had had too much caffeine that morning. I bit my tongue and kept walking.

"Oh, Oh! Feel how good this feels on your face!" she said as she slathered an egg wash on my mom's face. "If we want it we will buy it. Please don't do that again" she said as she looked the sales lady in the eye.

I went back to smell the roasted pecan. The smell was intoxicating, but I didn't know if I wanted to smell like roasted pecans day after day. Out of nowhere the red headed lady was poking another scent in my face. "I came over here to get away from you! I want to smell this in peace, please. " I thought to myself.

Mama had found another little corner of heaven. Chocolates of all shapes and sizes were nestled in their own little corner. They had a platter to taste test first, and Mama indulged. I caught up with Mama and was surprised to see what she laid on the counter. Two bath fizzes, one pink and one yellow. Then, she picked out three kinds of chocolate. "Where's your bath wash?" the woman called out from across the store?"

"I'm getting the Tangerine," Mama replied in a calm tone. I, on the other hand, was getting irritated. Didn't this woman understand that we would pick out what we wanted on our own? I wanted to tell her she needed to sniff some of that body wash in the hopes that it would bring her back to reality, but I knew she was too far gone. She was pretty on the outside but hollow on the inside.

This was a dream I had a few weeks ago; I just had to share it. (This didn't actually happen.) That's pretty crazy huh?


Amanda said...

I don't like pushy sales folk. It drives me nuts! I want to look and pick out my own stuff!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I had a dream I was buffy the vampire slayer last night!

Blog name: In college, my entire bathroom was rubber ducks. (Still is, actually). But I had the nickname duckie b/c I always said, "Just duckie" or "be a happy duckie." And I thought where do ducks a pond...

Ta da!