Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Memories Rewind: Sitting on top of the World

Granny and Papa had something that could hold our attention for hours. It was a golden tan color and we could erase all the evidence by wiping off our clothes. What was it that we darted for the second we jumped out of the car? The sand pile in the back yard.

The best part about this sand pile was that we could sit on top of it. We thought we were kings and queens of our castle when we perched atop our sand pyramid. That's all good if you have no brothers and sisters.

Me and Eli figured out early on that it was much better if we shared the sand pile. Eli thought it was hilarious to cover me in sand while in whimpered in protest. I pelted him with sand grenades in return.

"Come inside, Eli and Madison!" Granny interrupted our thoughts with her distinctive call. We had other plans. We didn't budge. We laughed as we threw sand at each other. I was a sight to see because I had on a crisp white shirt.

By this time, Granny was getting irritated. "If y'all don't come in right now, Papa will spank you when he gets home."

We reluctantly came in, but Granny had worked herself into a frenzy trying to wrangle two mischievous twins.

Where did you love to play at?