Monday, April 12, 2010

From Despair to Love

I sat there as the sunlight streamed through the window present in body but not in mind. My mind had dug up something from the darkest depths of my past.

Something that I thought had been dealt with. People meandered about the room chatting while I was dealing with myself. This was the real me stripped of the walls that I had built to protect me. The ironic thing is they didn't protect me. The walls held me in bondage, keeping me from seeing the truth.

Images flashed before me like a video screen. Here I was a little girl sitting alone on the playground after a girl I thought was my friend turned on me.

Taunting words from a boy who wanted to waste his breath making fun of me accompanied the image of him walking down the hallway calling me a duck.

But, I realized I'm not that person anymore. I've forgiven these people and know that I've grown.

Immediately, I pictured many yellow glasses in the shape of a daffodil with a large orange base as the stem. One by one old and new friends came to fill up the glasses. One might contribute to my life with their sense of humor, another may give me wise words of wisdom, another may have awesome taste in music. The void that I used to have had been replaced with an abundance of love and laughter. We all need to appreciate the things that each of our friends bring into our lives. Thanks to each of you for filling up my glasses!!!

What are some qualities that you are thankful for in your friends and family?

Image Credit: Vastate via Google


tam7777 said...

Awesome post M. I am so thankful for my sister,,when I was younger I was very mean to her and she kept right on praying for me anyway. I'm thankful for my son & daughter who I have learned has much from them as they have from me. I'm thankful for my mom who took me to church even when I didn't want to go. I'm thankful for my dad--for the man God is making him to be. If we would get a hold of this in the body of
Christ--What could we do?

The Blonde Duck said...

Patience in my husband.

Meg said...

Honesty and loyalty. I have the same circle of friends I had in school. We try to stay together and make a point to do things often. I have this one friend and she is the most blunt and to the point person I know, I love it.

shelley said...

i haven't stopped over in a bit to say "hi" so i'm popping ova now to see what's new in your part of blogashere... as i grown my "needs" in friends changed and as an adult i realize it is honesty and integrity and a good heart!
shelley :)