Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Memories Rewind: Playhouse Parties

 Something's up with the spacing today.

I was over a C's house for a sleepover filled with laughs, mischief, and games. We still had a few daylight hours to burn, and we just couldn't waste away a beautiful day in the house.

"Whatcha wanna do?" C asked. I spotted the bright pink doll house out of the corner of my eye. Let's play house!

We arranged the miniature table and chairs just so. The table cloth was laid aside because this was a casual affair. Mr. Teddy and all of C's dollies were anticipating the fabulous feast put on by the two princesses.

"What shall we make?" we pondered. It had to be special. Mud pies were a favorite of the furry forest animals. I scooped up mounds of mud as C poured the water in. We were quite the team, so before we knew it, those mud pies had a date with a hot oven. Water and lemonade were waiting to quench the thirsts of the animals. Sticks were used in place of forks. We didn't want to lose an eye if one of our guests thought her slice of pie was overdone.

"Whew! That was quite the party." we said as we wiped the sweat from our foreheads. Enough of this serving business, princesses needed to be served. C and I skipped inside her house and promptly helped ourselves to some junk food.

What are some unusual pie flavors you've made? I might start a support group for Playhouse Pie Lovers. I think there's something about that whimsical furniture that inspires the best ideas. :)


tam7777 said...

mud pies also

Gwen said...

What a fun memory!! XOXO