Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Memories Rewind: Something about a Harley

The sun was shining so brilliantly that day. Me and E were outside playing when we heard that unmistakable sound close by. That sound was the sound of our neighbor's Harley barreling down that dusty gravel driveway.

E dropped his toy trucks in hot pursuit of the shiny black motorcycle. I ran to B to get my hug, which is something that never failed to make B smile. Daddy and Bill were talking about guy stuff when I looked over to see E's eyes as round as saucers. He was totally mesmerized by the vehicle that represented 100% manliness to him.

"Wanna go for a ride, E?" Bill asked. Yeah! E practically shouted in excitement. Always one to put safety first, B tossed a helmet to E making sure he snapped it on tight. They both hopped on and E gave the go signal.

Vroom, vroom went the motorcycle as it muffled out any attempts at a conversation. I waved to E as they rode off to have a little adventure down our country road.

Even though the ride only lasted a few minutes, E had the time of his life. There's just something about the wind blowing in your hair that makes you feel as if you're a thousand miles away from reality.

What is a favorite past time of yours?


Gwen said...

So fun!! Ellie still talks about the time my brother gave her a ride on his Harley. It was just down the street but she'll never forget it. :) XOXO

tam7777 said...

I remember this. He did love that motorcycle, anything that would blow his hair. lol