Friday, March 05, 2010

Writer's Alcove: LG Photography

Lenay 2

Today we get to learn more about Lenay from LG Photography. She's a military wife who loves to shop. Her son Gavin is the light of her life. She's also started a personal blog called The Life of Lenay. It chronicles the ups and downs of juggling motherhood with a passion for all things creative. Head on over to check out her personalized onesies and more!

1. How did you meet your husband?

I met my husband at W@l-Mart. We both worked there and he persued me and was pretty determined to be my man. It was sweet and so is he!
2. Who was a style icon that you admired as a young girl?

I wasn't really into fashion as a young girl, which is why I think I come up with so many different styles of my own.

3. If you had to put together a complete outfit for less than $100, what stores would you go to? What would the overall look be?

Oooo I love to shop at Rugged We@rhouse, Ross, Tj Maxx, target and The overall look would be prob just be me and my style. When I see it, i know that's what I want.

4. What’s your favorite eye shadow polish for fall/winter?

I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I do like black and grays for winter. This past winter I even wore black nail polish. It was cool!

5. Describe your life in 5-10 words.

Fun, different, adventurous, treasure, beautiful, interesting

6. Name 5 of your favorite fashion items or show us a picture of your favorite outfit.
Hats, earrings, boots. I think that's about it.

7. What is a trip that you’ve always wanted to take?

I would LOVE to go to Italy one day and enjoy it!

8. Any hidden talents?

I can play the Saxophone....

9. What is the hardest thing about military life? The best thing?

Adjusting to being semi-independent while your spouse is deployed and the loneliness... the best thing is meeting new people and moving to new places.

10. What got you interested in photography?

I have been into it since i was about 12, just something i always loved. My newest peak started when my son was born!

11. If you had an opportunity to do a photoshoot anyone, who would you choose? Why?

I think I would choose Jennifer Love Hewitt, because she is so pretty and some people seem to think I look like her, so hopefully it would be like doing a photoshoot of myself. Ha ha... yea right.

12. When designing a logo for yourself what would it look like?

Good one, I need to do that! We will see soon!

Yes.. I added a few extra questions that I thought everyone would find interesting. I'll be sure to post about Lenay's new logo when she designs it! Hope you enjoyed today's post...and maybe even found a new blog to read!


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