Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Memories Rewind: A Box Sparkling with Memories


My Memaw had all of the family pins and memorabilia put in a frame instead of the box that I mention in the story. I didn't know this when this was written. I haven't gotten a picture of the rings yet. Use your imagination. :)

Everyone had gone outside to play. I went back into the house for something. Not just anything though, I was on a mission. Ms. Sparkly was my name and playing dress up was my game.

I crept into Memaw's room, careful not to make a sound. There was the box of jewels. Old fashioned brooches and necklaces from days gone by. I peered into the box being careful not to touch it because Memaw would know I had been there. She kept the rings in a slender wood box with many drawers. I slowly pulled out a tray to admire them a little closer. If I was going through all that trouble, I was determined to see those babies up close and personal. I spotted an elegant blue topaz ring that I just had to try on. My small fingers paled in comparison to that ring. I put it back, then I began to get anxious. How long have I been in here? I better hurry before someone comes looking for me I told myself.

But.... I just couldn't help it. I pulled out another tray of rings. They were so beautiful. This brilliant pink stone caught my eye. It had several darker pink stones around it. When I put it on, I must have lost all of my common sense because what happened next was no reflection on me. I blame this one on Ms. Sparkly.

The ring was way too big so I was clutching it with my other hand as I hurried outside to show Memaw how pretty I looked. "Memaw, look at my hand!" Her jaw dropped when she saw the ring on my hand outside of its box. "Oh, get that back in my room!" she said in an exasperated tone.

Uh-oh. I was in trouble now. I scurried back into the house, wondering what on earth had possessed me to bring that outside. I guess I would never make it as a detective, huh?

Did you ever play dress up as a kid? What was your favorite character?


Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

That is SO neat!!! How special!! I used to dress up all the time when I was little, and I was always changing my character I guess you could say!! Oh the memories!!

writing4612 said...

Lindsey-It is special. I loved looking at the box as a kid imagining who wore what.

tam7777 said...

Memaw had beautiful things in that box. I would've been tempted to try them on too.

sybilsanders said...
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