Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Different Vantage Point

When the days are seemingly never ending, I know God is faithful

When I don't have the strength to move another inch, I know God is faithful

As the world is enveloped in the cold dark night, I know God is faithful

When I don't see a way to do anything productive, I KNOW God is faithful.

Sure, we know these things, but are we really aware of them? Do we stop and thank God for His grace? Let me tell you, sometimes I request God to deliver it by the truck load. Sitting here thinking about the present while setting my sights on the future, God hasn't left me. He's still here. He might be in the form of an elderly woman with a genuine compliment. He might be in the child whose eyes are filled with wonder at the excitement of a new toy. He could be in the form of a teacher.

Do we just aimlessly look for God and jump for joy when we see Him at work, or do we anticipate Him, blocking out the world and all of its chaos to see Him? In all honesty, this is something all of us (myself included) have to constantly work at. Sometimes we have to come up higher. No, not in the literal sense. We have to be willing to leave where were at for another view. Things look a lot different when you look above the problem, not at it.

What's the mountain in your life lately?


BK said...

Our mountain is that Justin needs a job in our soon to be new city.