Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Memories Rewind: Swirling in Solitude

The sun was shining through the pecan trees. The breeze was gently blowing as I skipped outside. I needed to find something to do. The round black tire swing in the front yard was calling my name. I gripped the well-worn rope in my hands letting the roughness envelope my hands as I slid back into the tire. That was "the sweet spot". I could swing there for hours and never leave with a blister because I was cradled in.

As the wind swirled my hair all around my face, I got lost in the moment. The tire swayed back and forth, round and round. I leaned back letting the sun hit my face. I could have stayed there for hours basking in the quietness of nature surrounded by stately pecan trees. The trees provided a canopy overhead like no tent could. No zooming cars were around, no pesky little brothers who make it their mission to annoy you at any time or place. It was just me and my thoughts.

It was so freeing to know that I could move sideways, twist around, or do whatever my little mind could think of within reason without getting hurt. As my blonde ponytail swished in the dirt, I decided I'd had enough. I didn't want to get to dirty because who knows what I would come up with next? I might want to play school, and even I knew teachers shouldn't be dirty. :)

What was a favorite spot for you as a child?
Image Credit:Sue Byford Visit this link to see more of her work. Used with permission.


tam7777 said...

Oh the memories.