Friday, January 22, 2010

Writer's Alcove: XOXO, Trina

XOXO, Trina

Today we'll learn a little more about Trina from XOXO, Trina. She's a stay at full time mom with a flair for all things fashion. She balances family time with fun. If you've never read her blog, you should! She has some great tips on how to make your very own harness necklaces and tells you what makeup products work for her. Oh, she includes some very funny stories about her kids along the way!

1. How did you meet your husband?
The short answer is at church. The long answer is we both moved away from home (Alabama) and during a series of events, God brought us both back to Alabama at the same time. We started going to the same church and ended up both working with the youth group there. Two weeks after meeting him, I knew he would one day be my husband. The crazy thing was, we knew a lot of the same people, worked close by each other during high school and never knew each other until we met at church.

2. Who was a style icon that you admired as a young girl?
There were several, but the one that sticks out the most is Jennifer Anniston. Friends, the show, was very popular when I was in high school and that’s when I started to really get interested in fashion, hair and makeup. Remember her hair on Friends? Yep, I sported that cut along with every other girl in America.

3. If you had to put together a complete outfit for less than $100, what stores would you go to? What would the overall look be?

I would definitely look to Forever 21 for a top. They have really cute trendy things that won’t break the bank. I’ve had great luck with pants and shoes from Charlotte Russe. As for the jewelry, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe both have a great selection and they are super affordable. The overall look would probably scream Trendy Chic.

4. What’s your favorite nail polish for fall/winter?
I love dark colors on short nails and it’s perfect for fall/winter. My favorite dark colors to wear are deep purple, dark forest green, and deep burgundy.

5. Name a hobby.

Oh this one is hard to be specific on because I go back and forth between things, but I love to make things. Whether it’s sewing, crafting, baking or even playing in makeup. I think the common denominator there is just flexing my creative muscles on whatever I might be in to at the time.

6. Name 5 of your favorite fashion items or show us a picture of your favorite outfit.

5 favorite things
5 favorite things by xoxotrina featuring Seychelles shoes

Here is a perfect example of what I’ve been wearing lately: jeans, booties, cardigans and long necklaces. I have 3 out of the 5 things shown (booties, jeans and necklace). I love these black booties from Seychelles. They go great with jeans, dress pants and even dresses. These jeans from Charlotte Russe are fantastic! I bought them without trying them on and they ended up fitting perfectly. Next, the harness necklace. I love wearing unique things and this is definitely an eye catching piece. It looks great worn over a plain tee or tucked under a lovely drape front cardigan. Finally the peacock handbag. *sigh* This is such a beautiful yet very expensive designer bag. I’ll never come close to owning it unless someone gave it to me.

7. What is a trip that you’ve always wanted to take?

I would really love to go on a mission trip to a third world country. I think every American would benefit from seeing how most of the world lives, including me. I want to fully realize how blessed I am.

8. If you could change careers, what would you do?

Besides being a stay at home mom, I’ve always thought I would enjoy training or instructing people how to do something. I love telling people what to do, so getting paid for it would be fantastic. HA! My brother has always thought I should design a clothing or jewelry line, which would really be a lot of fun for me too.

9. What do you do with each of your kids to make them feel special?

Rayna loves for me to paint her nails and other girly things like that. It makes her feel grown up and its something the boys aren’t a part of. Xander loves for me to read to him and he loves to sit in my lap no matter what I’m doing. I’ll be sad when he outgrows that.

10. Besides peacocks, what else are you obsessed with?

Social media. I love to connect with people.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Trina today!