Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Memories Rewind: A New Kind of Shampoo

Mama had just finished getting me ready for church. I was twirling around the house in my pale pink dress while waiting on everyone else to finish. My hair was pulled back in a little pink bow.

Apparently my life didn't have enough excitement, so I went in search of my own. I spotted the bottle of mink oil on the counter. A light bulb went off in my head: Why don't I make my hair even prettier by slathering mink oil in it? Yes, that would give it the shine it needed! I thought. A smile crept across my face at the brilliance of my plan.

Mama must have known things were too quiet in there so she came to investigate. I was all in my plan so I never even heard her. I just kept gooping it on by the handfuls. My arms were covered with it. I .... missed the target. :) My mom was horrified. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see what Mama was so upset about. I could hear by brother oohing to himself. At that time, I wanted him to hush.

Mama's eyes seem to pierce through my every thought. I was prepared to do whatever she said. She wanted me to get to the She scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail. My brownish blonde hair was no longer in a pony tail with dainty little tendrils. It was a matted slimy mess. After about twenty minutes at the sink, I began to regret my decision for a little more "fun".

I began to think I would be chained to the sink as punishment for my little experiment. Finally, after two or three washings, the slime began to wash down the drain. What a glorious sight! I began to ponder my punishment: No friends over? No TV? No playtime? As horrible as those sounded, Mama thought I had learned my lesson at the sink, not in the corner or time out bench.

Needless to say, I sat on the couch, suddenly thinking church sounded really good. I promised myself that we would make it in time for the prayer request section next week because Lord knows I had one!


tam7777 said...

You should've been the on washing that stuff out. Oh my ---what a job that was. Funny now but not then. Great writing as always.