Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Strings Attached

As the music was playing in the background, I was surprised to see a usually shy little boy who I thought never noticed me standing with outstretched arms. I was especially touched when he was careful not to knock my wheel chair. It was almost as if time stood still in that moment.

We never exchanged any words; his outpouring of love was enough. It was a love that knew no boundaries. When we hugged, it was like I instantly felt better. As the music was building to the chorus, he was standing there with outstretched arms. He eyes never wandered. He was going to get what he came for, which was a hug. I promptly hugged him back. I'm sure God was a lot like that when He was on the cross. He had love to give and He was waiting for us to accept. While He endured excruciating pain, He never wavered in His purpose.

Afterwards, I sat in awe and disbelief at what had just happened. I began to wonder if someone had told him to give me a hug, but quickly realized I was wrong because no one knew he had slipped over to me. You have to understand this little boy had never so much as smiled at me, much less knew my name. His eyes were not filled with hate or criticism, just someone who wanted to love. He didn't look at me as E's twin or a girl in a wheelchair. He saw me for me-no strings attached.

I pondered this and realized that God was much like the little boy. When He died on the cross, He didn't give a list of who had done better deeds or given more money. He looked at each human as people who needed His love. His arms were outstretched, waiting for all who would to embrace Him. He didn't interrupt the moment when each of us became saved with meaningless words because His gift of love, His gift of life was enough.

How many of us could use a little more love in our lives? How many times do we reject love from a friend or child just because of the "package" (aka outward appearance)? If you open your heart, you'll find that you have more love to give than you ever thought possible. You'll also realize how much you need others because whether you like it or not, you can't travel this journey called life alone. You need others to encourage you, to challenge you, and to lean on.

Love is in many places, you just have to be open to it. What does love look like to you?


ShannonDBR said...

Isn't it just beautiful when that happens?

I often find God daily in the smallest of things... And I am so very grateful that He loves me.

Loves looks different to me depending on the day bc I think God shows love in different ways all the time.

We just have to be willing to see it...

Beautiful post!


tam7777 said...

Great post sweetie. When the love is there it will reach out. Love is always reaching. Lots of times we are way to busy to notice the little things that are all around us.