Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Memories Rewind: Strawberry Candies

I heard footsteps and ran to the door. My Paw Paw was making his way up the steps. I clutched my hands around his waist then took his hand to help him up that last step. He slipped something with a shiny red wrapping paper into my hand. I knew what it was but wanted to save it for later.

You see, those strawberry candies didn't come around very often. I hurried to find a seat in the house. Pa was talking to Daddy about how things were going. You know man talk. I fingered the wrapper, contemplating whether or not I wanted to eat it then. I couldn't resist that sweet strawberry smell wafting from the paper. I peeled back the first layer to reveal a waxy white paper. That little red morsel was calling my name. I wasn't about to disobey the candy gods. Why that would be atrocious! They might sentence me to live out the rest of my days in a candy shop...that would be so bad. (wink)

I slowly lifted it to my mouth, trying to resist the urge to chomp it to bits to reveal that sticky, juicy filling. I sucked on it as we talked about life. Soon, it was gone. But wait! I just realized that I had slipped another candy in my pocket as we were walking in. The disappointment was washed away by the sight of that bright red wrapper because I knew my sugar rush didn't have to end.

Now that my Paw Paw has been dead for several years, I smile every time that I see those candies in the store. For some people they hold no memories, but they remind me of simple times when all it took was a candy to show someone you cared.

What brings back memories of your family for you?


BK said...

My grandparents used to have those all the time! I hate them now, lol.