Friday, January 15, 2010


NOTE: I had someone to post today, but they haven't emailed me their answers. I apologize.

I'm not perfect. Everyday isn't a "good" day, but it can be if I make a choice to act that way instead of how I feel. I don't always say the right thing, my hair isn't always camera ready.

Imperfections are in the eye of the beholder. Something that you can't stand about yourself others may love (within reason of course). One of my childhood friends has red hair with an orange tint. When she was younger, she didn't like it because it reminded her of a clown. To her surprise, people in high school loved it because it was unique. They didn't know many people with red hair.

People that I know have worn a lot of makeup at times to cover up freckles. Yep. Some people wear long sleeve shirts because they get made fun of for not being tan. Just because you see something wrong with yourself doesn't mean others do. One of my professors told me that she had her students dress up as a person in their class according to the way that they saw a fellow classmate. That was an eye opening experience for some, she said. So much so, they couldn't stare at themselves any longer.

In today's society, we have let our imperfections play a bigger role in our lives than they're supposed to. Some people let them dictate how much make up they wear, what they do or don't do, etc. Instead of letting them matter so much, we should let our imperfections be a measuring stick of what we need to change and the steps we need to take to get there. You want things to bother you some because if they didn't you would never see the need to change them. God wants us to trust Him in spite of those things.

Sure, we could all make a list of things we don't like about ourselves, but there are some things imperfections that aren't so easily pointed out. What about if you're judgmental or always saying negative things? Although we mask those problems with doing good things for other people, it won't fix those problems. God can see those, but the good thing is He's willing to help you change if you are.

What would someone perceive you as?

P.S. Stayed tuned for something that I'm working on called "Be You"!


Meg said...

Wow what an awesome project from that professor! I bet it was eye opening. I always like to hear what people think of me, or how they "think" I would be like. It really can be eye opening.