Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's Give them something to Talk About

Gossip. Criticizing. Demeaning others. We've all been guilty of these things. I've been reading a book called 30 Days to Taming your Tongue by Deborah Smith Pegues, which is an excellent book that talks about things that we say that we shouldn't. Some are obvious like lying and gossipping, but others like putting yourself down might not be.

I know people who have nothing to talk about unless they are talking about someone else. This book illuminates the problem and gives reasons from scripture as to why it's bad and how to fix it...the right way.

When I wake up each day, I have the last night's chapter rolling around in my head. I'm being more mindful of what I say and how I say it. You might be wondering why in the world I chose that title. God wants us to make a difference in the world-to be set apart from others. What better way to do that than to not be like the world? Don't belittle someone just to make you feel better about yourself. When someone around you wants you to chime in on their weekly gossip session, politely change the subject or leave. If you show the world that there's something different about you, they will take notice. People will say things. You don't have to shout you love Jesus from the rooftops or force your beliefs on others, just live your life. The best feeling in the world is when someone cocks their head to the side, unable to put their finger on why you're not like everyone else they know.

P.S. I' ve got some exciting news to share with everyone! I want to do a separate post, so come back on Monday to hear about something that will be well worth the wait (for me at least)!


Mary Patterson said...

I love how you have expressed yourself in this post! It can be SO effective to respond this way, no matter what the situation.
Thanks & God bless you!
Mary Patterson

Jillian said...

Can't wait to find out what your news is!