Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Memories Rewind: Cherry Icee's

Mama had to go to pick up a few things at W@l-Mart. I was patient as she picked up some snacks and other things. As we made our way to the back of the store, we passed the snack counter.

This wasn't the place for chips or beef jerky. This little hole in the wall tucked in among clothing and groceries had crunchy nachos dripping with cheese, hot dogs and the icee. Even though the kind, elderly woman named Mrs. F. always gave me time to browse over the menu with small red letters, I knew what I wanted, a cherry icee. As I watched the bright red mixture swirl around in the big silver machine, I got excited. When she filled the blue cup with its trademark polar bear logo, I gingerly reached over the gray formica counter to get my treat. I took a taste to make sure it was satisfactory. I took my job as a taste tester very seriously.

As we finished our errand, I could feel the wet condensation dripping on my hand. I slowly sipped the icy drink, trying to savor it. I have to confess savoring is kind of hard for a young girl, but I didn't want to get a brain freeze. Before I knew it, my hands were stained with that unmistakable red, which signified that I was a member of the Cherry icee lover's club. People have never tasted that cold slushy drink aren't part of this secret society. Sure, on an off day I might reach for a Coke icee, but I always return to the cherry. It was good to the last drop.

What's one of your favorite drinks?

P.S I've started back to school. I will update soon. Hope everyone is doing well!