Friday, October 16, 2015

The Fight

Woman Jogging Blur © Ariel da Silva Parreira via 

Every day is a fight.
My mind is made up. I will not quit.
I don't care how bad the pain is.

I am the victor.
I will overcome.
God's grace is more than enough.

My body will do what I say.
It has to move when I say, "Move!"
I am not going back.

Just as God said a few months ago, "My pain will not stop me. It will propel me. It will launch me."

My spirit is going forward and my body has NO choice but to follow.
No more slowing down.
It's time to fight.

Gloves are off.
Lights are down.
It is me against myself.

I know the negative thoughts.
That voice says, "Look at how many times you've fallen. You won't get back up this time."

There's something deeper.
Something the naked eye can't see.
I have a spirit of determination that won't be quenched.

Try to quell the fire inside,
And it just burns brighter.

Iron sharpens iron.
Every trial makes me stronger.

I will win.
Cerebral palsy will not define me or what I will become.
I will do what others say can't be done.

It is a long road, but every step brings me closer to victory.
I can see it.

Standing tall.
No more obstacles, no more limits.
Now is the time.