Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Someone who Cares

I hear the longing in your voice

Wishing for former days.

Those days when you were agile, quick, and giving.
Those times when you knew you made a difference.
A little smile or a hug made all of your worries fade away.

You didn't think about the long hours,
Or the toll your work took on your body.
You did it because you care.
You did it because you knew you could help make people better.

Now, things have changed.
You are lonely.
No longer able to move as quick.

You seemed to have lost your sense of purpose,
Your mind is filled with thoughts of what was,
Unable to grasp what is.

I hate this unwelcome visitor has robbed you of your health,
But I will always be here
I will always care.

Though we might be separated by distance
We are a kindred spirit.

You and I keep the light burning bright for each other
When I was down, you gave me hope.

It's my turn to do the same for you.
You didn't cease to matter the day you could no longer practice medicine.

You became my friend, my supporter, a shoulder to lean on.
I will be a listening ear.
I am someone who cares.

You are not alone.
Think of me when the time drags on.

Think of me when you are tired.
Think of me in the silence.
You are irreplaceable.