Wednesday, March 04, 2015

You are the Reason

If you wonder why I smile

Puzzled as to why I laugh
Confused about the source of my joy
And why I never look back

You are the reason
None compare to you
You are my confidant, I am found in You

I once was lost
Couldn't find my way
Jaded by life, 
Questioning everything

Down on my luck
With nowhere to turn
Had to quit hiding
And face life head on

You are the reason for my strength
With you, I can do anything
Go anywhere

You are my light
It comes from within
Every day gets a little brighter
I didn't know that was possible

You make me desire more
Pressing past my feelings
And all I thought was right
I need You

You make everything beautiful
No more doubt
No more fear
You are the reason I live