Monday, March 09, 2015

I Saw You

I saw you cry

You didn't do it often 
You were strength personified.

Looking from the outside, people thought we had the perfect life
Playing and laughing
No one saw the misery
No one saw that you couldn't break free.

You tried to break the chains
But each time, they pulled you back
Held you tighter

Choking your joy
Silencing your voice
You wondered should you even try anymore?

Day after day, you hid the shame
Grocery shopping, cooking dinner
You knew the routine

But inside, your heart was shattered
With every word, every fight
Pieces of you broke more

What choice do I have?
Will I survive?
Am I really strong enough?

I wanna get away from here
Start fresh
Leave all the chaos behind

What is holding me here?
A covenant?
Who am I kidding?
It takes two to make things work.

I have to break free
Lies, curses
I feel as if I am going to burst.

Nothing I do is good enough
If I utter one word, life takes a wicked turn
Mocking me
Pressuring me
I can't live like this anymore.

Walking on glass
Treading ever so lightly.

I am by myself
Will I ever escape?
I wish I could start over
I long for better days

Rescue me from this pit
Yes, I know my choices resulted in this
Save me from this mess
I need a lifeline
Does anyone care?

I am broken
But am I beyond repair?

Can I hope again?
Can I dream?

My mind is so clouded by the trickery
I have to go on
I can't stop here
I know there's something better on the other side
My breakthrough is near.

I saw you stand and fight
No excuses, not this time

I saw you take back your life
Even when you fell you got up
Moving forward 
You didn't know what you would find, you just knew you had to go

I saw you as more than your failures
I saw your heart
Your strength was there from the start

Even though it was buried 
By years of fear and ridicule
You are more than what they said about you


tam7777 said...

I'm glad you wrote this. I can go back time and again to see where I come from -to see where I've been.