Monday, March 02, 2015

Things my Nephew Says 2

My nephew, Mason, had brought a tape measure for me to strap up a big truck. This is the conversation that followed.

"Now let it go so it can snap back."
As I let it go, it didn't snap back. "I don't think this one will snap back," I said. "You have to just feed it back in like this."

Mason said, "I can do it."

I let go and let him do it. He started pushing it back in.
"There you go!" I said.
"No, don't talk! Du(You) make me lose the power to do it."
"Okay," I said.

He came into my room wearing a hat my brother had gotten several years ago at Mardi Gras. It is covered gold, yellow, and purple glitter with a green feather on the top.

Earlier today he said, "Ding!" while holding the big gold ball that's attached to the green feather.
"Why is the bell not dinging," he asked.
"Because it's not really a bell."

Wearing the hat again, he said, "I have a cowboy hat, a belt, but I missing sumpin' (something)!"

"I need some boots on!"

One day, I turned on Smokey and the Bandit. It's a hilarious movie about truck drivers and other characters who do crazy stuff and the law spends all their time trying to catch them. Since Mason's daddy drives a transfer truck, my mom thought he would like it.

In between watching YouTube videos about monster trucks and mud holes, he watched some of Smokey and the Bandit.

In one scene, several of the transfer truck drivers agreed to park side by side to form a bridge that the cars could race over. 

Later that day, Mason brought his transfer trucks over to my chair in the living room.

"Hold it teady (steady) while I dit(get) ano-der(another) truck."
He brought over a big monster truck saying, "Now, trap(strap) it on so it won't fall off." His daddy has to strap on each load before he heads out.

"It's not balanced yet, baby. We need some more trucks," I said.
"Hold it teady (steady).
"Got it."

He came back with a smaller die-cast transfer truck. "This will balance it!" he said.

To my amazement it worked. But Mason wasn't done.

"Let me go get another truck!" 

And so, we tried to balance a monster truck, a die cast transfer truck, and a heavy trailer on top of the big transfer truck trailer. By the end, my arms were sore, but Mason was satisfied with what he'd accomplished.

Just sharing some great memories from life with a toddler! Mason has such a great imagination!