Thursday, July 04, 2013

Life As of Now

Image credit: Injection Needle Macro 2 © Michaela Kobyakov

I haven't forgotten about my blog! I've just been busy going to doctor's appointments. I know I'm going to have to have surgery on my foot that's been giving me problems, I'm just not sure what kind or when. I go back to the doctor on July 31st to set up a game plan.

My doctor did give me a cortisone shot in my toe joint to help with swelling on June 24th. It's helped some. I was able to find a pair of red shoes that actually fit my feet AND Dr. Brosky, who is excellent and I can't say enough good things about him, released me to start walking again with my walker as I can. YAY!!!! I'm taking it slow, but it's going well.

I have been relaxing but also exploring my options when it comes to printing my magazine. Right now, it seems like the best bet might be to buy a commercial printer and assemble my own. We'll see.

I also have plans to make FOCUS magazine available digitally for small fee, so stay tuned for that!

Still adjusting to life after college. It's hard to reset your brain to not think about homework, classes, etc because I've done it for so long. I still find myself thinking, "Now I would be in Sociology or Health and Wellness at this time."