Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Advocating for Another: Inside the Fishbowl

Since I talked about my community and some things that make me and my readers unique yesterday, I thought I would branch out and do one of the bonus prompts, which says to tell what my life is like to someone looking on the outside then describe it from the inside.

On the outside, I look like a stylish young woman busy attending college classes and helping out at my church all while in a wheelchair. Some people have mistakenly thought I have an easy life because I have people helping me do things, get a little extra time to do tasks, and so on.

From the inside, they would see a slightly different picture. My hair looks so good because my mom helps me dry it and style it. I have a beside commode because I'm not quite strong enough--yet-- to walk to the bathroom and sit down without help. They would also see I have to get up about thirty minutes to an hour before I have somewhere to be in order to get ready because it takes me a little longer to do things. They would also see that I LOVE my family. Someone on the inside would also see me on my not so good days. I have days that I am tired and do all of my schoolwork from my bed. I have moments of frustration because society seemingly forgets about the disabled population and think that's okay.

Someone on the inside would also see my progress. They would understand what a huge thing it is to sit in the living room with the family-whenever I want! Even on the days when I am really sore, one small victory like being able to walk down the hall just little further than last time is cause for my mom to smile broadly and say, "See, you're getting better!"

So with aching muscles, I look around at my yellow walls (with a purple accent wall) and remember that having someone to share life with is so incredible!

Come back tomorrow for day three of advocating for another by WEGO Health!