Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Advocating for Another: Community

Today is the first in a series of posts about health activism thanks to WEGO Health. I advocate for myself as a patient, but I also have a community of wonderful readers who are hopefully inspired by how I fully live my life in spite of my disability, which is cerebral palsy.

This post is all about my community!

I decided to do a collage with some of my readers and friend's pictures who I knew wouldn't mind being featured here. I also used a few images from dreamstime to represent everyone's interests!

Click collage to enlarge

The people that make up my blog's community are students, grandparents, families, nurses, musicians, fun-loving. Coffee lovers. Artistic. Individuals. Creative. Black. White. Old. Young. Eclectic.

Yes, some people who read my blog do have cerebral palsy. But more than that, we are all encouraging each other. You are beautiful, my friends!

If you are an a parent, caregiver, or health activist of someone with a disability or condition, feel free to participate by blogging, tweeting or doing short status updates to Facebook.

Image Credit:

© Michael Levy | Dreamstime.com

© Daniel Gilbey | Dreamstime.com

Nurse via Microsoft Clipart