Monday, May 28, 2012

Summertime Fun and Website Building

Well, my summer has consisted of lots of playtime with my little nephew. Even though I try my hardest, he still hasn't said Auntie. His personality is developing more and more and his little laugh is beyond sweet! He has the most energy ever! He was going constantly for two days and only took one or two naps. If I had his energy, I could build a house, run a marathon, cook dinner, and who knows what else! Haha. It's so cute to see him explore my room and hide behind the door and then go play and find the door again and be SO excited! He has really brought joy to the everyday things. 

He also likes the toasted peanut butter crackers that come in little packs. These were originally for me because I love crackers as an afternoon snack, but after discovering that peanut butter can increase inflammation, I've decided to switch to almond or cashew butter. Not one to waste, I decided to let Mason have a taste. He loved them!

I'm also working on a final project for one of my classes that includes me trying to design a website using Flash CS5. If it turns out even close to what I envision in my head, I'll be happy. Seriously, there are no good step-by-step tutorials on how to do this. One site even called a "tutorial" a bunch of files with no instructions! I was beyond frustrated, but I'm going to get some advice from a friend of mine and trudge on through. That said, if anyone has any advice or any good websites that have easy to follow instructions on creating a website using Adobe Flash CS5, I'd be forever grateful!


Meg said...

I know nothing about that, I can only imagine how confusing! Good luck, I'm sure it'll turn out great!