Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Memories Rewind: Flutters of Light

Eli and I were on a mission. The night was a bit muggy, but it didn't bother us. Armed with mason jars and coats, we were ready. We weren't catching measly bugs. This twin duo was going to catch some fireflies.

They fluttered all around my Memaw's yard in the summertime. I darted off in one direction so me and Eli wouldn't be fighting over fireflies. I wanted to catch my own, you know. So, I ran around until I set my sights on one within reach.

The firefly's body would light up like a neon light one second and be gone the next. I cupped the jar and slammed on the lid. "I got one!" I thought to myself. Much to my dismay, the little critter got away before I could catch him. I don't know if there are male and female fireflies, but it didn't seem right to refer to these beautiful creatures as its.

"Look! I got one, Madison!" Eli exclaimed. I rushed over to see firefly up close and personal, but Eli would only let me get to a certain distance. It was a magical sight. In my opinion, fireflies were a lot prettier than most insects.

I couldn't be outdone by my brother, so I had to catch one now. I was trying to be patient, but catching a firefly was hard work! Finally, one was within my reach. I gingerly screwed on the lid as he fluttered around inside. I suspect he didn't like being in such close quarters. Who could blame him? He was used to flying in wide open spaces, and I stuck him in a little mason jar. "Don't worry, little fella, I won't hurt you," I reassured him.

We hurried inside to show Grandaddy our new friends. After telling him how we caught them, we released them so they could fly freely in Memaw's beautiful yard. I secretly hoped the fireflies would come back to visit more often.

Did you ever see or catch fireflies as a child?


tam7777 said...

I remember those nights as well. My sister and I would go out when it got real dark and would try and catch as many as we could. Eventually we would let them go. We found out in keeping them, they didn't last long.