Friday, December 10, 2010

Beneath the Mask

We all hide behind a mask. We plaster on smiles when we are breaking on the inside. We just want people to think we have it all together so we aren't peppered with a million questions after they find out what's really going on.

If we're being honest, that mask almost makes us forget we don't have any pain in our lives. (Fill in the blank with whatever word fits your situation). The mask has become almost like a second skin because we find ourselves telling everyone, "I'm okay," but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Only when we get to the root of the pain or frustration will we begin to heal. Imagine someone in so much pain (whether it's physical or emotional) that they want to crawl out of their own skin. I uttered those words just the other day. They peel back that thick layer they have built up around themselves that was crafted for years. As they take of the mask and seemingly protective layers, you get to see the real them. You see the heart faintly beating, but it's beating, nonetheless. That's a good thing because it means there's still hope!

When the person emerges from the mask, they have a hard time adjusting to their new reality. But, it's a step in the right direction because they have made the choice to finally be free of the prison the mask had them in.

What masks do you need to shed? Are you struggling to keep up the image of Miss Perfect?


dismantledwords said...

Very true. We all wear masks of some's almost like we start to become the mask after a while, actually. It's good to be aware of that and to not be afraid to take off the mask and take a look inside every once in a while.

Barbara said...

I was actually sitting with this line of thinking the other day. Revisiting a theorist that I read in school who talks about the self being like an onion. Like an onion has many layers, we are many selves in one body. But like you, I was thinking of her theory in terms of that ultra deep rooted pain beneath all the layers.

Wearing and taking off the masks is a delicate dance.

Meg said...

You're so right, we do cover ourselves up in masks, afraid of what people will say about the real us underneath. I try so hard just to be real and feel for those who can't express who they really are b/c they are trying to be someone else. Great post!