Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Memories Rewind: Simple Pleasures

Memaw went to the freezer to grab a bag of frozen peaches. The whole family looked forward to Cheek's orchard opening up so we could get a few bushels of that fruity goodness.

The peaches thawed out, so I grabbed my bowl of peaches. I'm a no fuss kind of girl, so I just added a little sugar. "Grandaddy, "Do you want some vanilla ice cream with yours?"

"Now, you know I've never turned down any ice cream," he said. Memaw put a few spoonfuls on top of his peaches. Soon, all of us grand kids were around the kitchen table. Somehow, everyone came running when food was involved. You didn't have to say a word.

I took a spoon full, and my taste buds were on the ride of their life. Those peaches were just sweet enough, but not too sweet. Before I knew it, my bowl was almost empty. I couldn't tell if I had a stomach ache from the peaches or feeling sad because they were gone. I licked the juice off the spoon and turned up the bowl. I wasn't going to let one drop of that sweet nectar go to waste.

What is one of your favorite fruits?


Charming Wife said...

I don't really have a favorite fruit. But I could eat squash off the grill like they're going out of style!

dismantledwords said...

Peaches just might be my favorite fruit, as well. I also like grapes and pears (we have a pear tree in our back yard, actually, so we have plenty of pears!).