Friday, August 13, 2010

A Fresh Start

School is in full swing. I've got my syllabi's and have already started working on assignments. This may sound crazy, but I always like starting back to school. Dare I say, I almost anxiously await the start of the new semester because the school work keeps my mind occupied. Otherwise, I focus too much on my pain and get down in the dumps. It's not a pretty sight, my friends.

I'm excited because this semester I'm taking even more classes that pertain to my major. I'm the first Communication major at my school to be in a wheelchair, so they have had to modify the video stuff just a little. "I'm willing to work with you if you're willing to work with me," I said. I'm blessed to be at a school where my professors want to see me do well. They have went above and beyond the call of duty to help me since I've been there. (Shout out to all of my EC classmates and professors!)

Things are a little different this time. I'm doing three classes online (along with some traditional classes), which I don't mind. I've done them before. As long as you keep up with the assignments and ask for help, you're OK. Don't worry, the blog will be updated, I probably won't have time to comment on many blogs during the week, though. That's what weekends are for. :) I'll still be reading your posts.

What's new with my readers? I want to know!


Charming Wife said...

I LOVED my online classes. I thought it was awesome that I could be sitting in my pajamas (sometimes even in bed) submitting class work! Good luck this semester.

Summer Ross said...

My fall classes start the last week of this month, my girls start back at school next Wednesday. Things are starting to get interesting again.