Monday, May 03, 2010

Unfinished Masterpiece

This was published in The Celebration, which is a weekly publication that my church puts out.

*I won't be posting as much this week because I'm preparing for finals. I'll be d.o.n.e. on Wednesday!* :)

In life, we start out as children unaware of the dangers, fears, and failures in the world. The world is a canvas that we get to paint every day. Every word, every gesture whether good or bad, is another stroke to our painting.

Life continues and we get a broken heart, bruised egos, and the like. The painting changes. While the surface colors may still be bright, the undertones are dark. They reflect the harsh reality that we all must face.

As we cross the bridge from teenager to adult, we take a moment to admire our life. Looking at the pattern as well as the path. We realize that we have the opportunity to take the paintbrush and control which way it flows to a certain extent. The decisions we make might branch off into something that looks like it doesn't flow with the painting. It's OK. This is where God comes back in, takes our hand and guides our strokes. No matter how much we hate ourselves and have a deep desire to rip the painting to shreds because we're not satisfied with the way it looks, it's OK. We are not supposed to rely on ourselves to finish the painting! Whether you realize it or not, we are all a work in progress.

God can take the seemingly ugly things and turn them into a beautiful masterpiece. Ask Him to let you see things the way He sees them.
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I like the way you described our lives as paintings...I guess ultimately it doesn't matter how it looks to us, because we're only seeing it through our own eyes and not with God's vision. Great post! :-) -Jesse