Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Memories Rewind: Simpler Times, Different Times

I spotted the green telephone out of the corner of my eye. I picked it up, and started dialing. The secret was having no plan in mind. Just dial random numbers. As I dialed 4-7-6..., I heard the whirr of the telephone as the numbers went around and around.
"Hello. Hey Susie, wanna play?"

That conversation was over in minutes, but I had a bunch of imaginary numbers...and names in my head. I propped my hand on the table babbling away on that little green phone. That phone looked ancient to me. It wasn't a cordless, and it didn't have any fancy buttons. It was just a phone that served as the connector to my friends, family, and the outside world. I didn't pick up the phone to order the latest invention from late night TV, I called people when I had exciting news to share, when I was sad, or just to say hey.
It's sad to think that we use texting, email, and Facebook to "talk" these days. I still remember the white numbers that faded over time on that little green phone. Although the old rotary phones are a thing of the past, the memories of the fun times come back every time I think about that little green phone. More to come on communicating next week!

What is something that reminds you of simpler times?

Come on back tomorrow for the surprise! You're bound to have a few questions when you finish!