Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Take on Mother's Day

Mother's Day comes and goes once every year. People bombard the florist and emerge with something that half resembles a blooming flower. We all go back to our homes and settle into our everyday routine.

I'm all for celebrating mothers and all that she does for us, but I believe it should be done everyday. Thank her for breakfast. Clean the counter so she won't have to. You don't have to think of elaborate ways to show your love, simple is often best.

We are all guilty of becoming engulfed in our own thoughts and plans. Sometimes it helps me to imagine my life without my mother for a moment. Who would support me in all that I do? Who would still love me when I'm finding something to argue about at every turn? Who would be my example of selflessness?

Listen, you won't wake up tomorrow spouting thankfulness from your lips. Having a thankful heart and not just a few thankful words takes practice. You have to reprogram your human nature's desire to be negative and critical.

I'm well aware this is a different kind of Mother's Day post. That's OK! Last year's post is more "traditional". I've said all I need to say about how amazing my mother (and all mothers are) for the work she does. I love that we have a day to celebrate mothers, but I think we have to be careful not to get sucked into the commercial part of it.

What have you done for your mother recently that would be considered creative or out of the box? I love hearing about creative things that I would've never thought of!


tam7777 said...

I agree totally. It says in the Bible Honor thy Father and Mother and days would be long. Not just on one day but everyday --especially if your a child.

Ashley said...

Totally agree! Great post!! ;)

Meg said...

You are so right! It took me a long time to learn the lessons I wish I knew when I lived at home so I could show my mom thankfulness for all she does.
My mom often invites us over for dinner and I always make sure to help with preparation, clean up afterwards,and bring the dessert!