Monday, May 17, 2010

Constant Sound in the Storm

I wrote this almost a month ago, but I thought this was the right time to post it.

Rain on a Tin Roof by digifishmusic Please click the first link to listen to that distinctive sound. Blogger doesn't accept WAV files, so a link is the next best thing.

Dum da dum da dum. The droplets flicked against the red tin roof as lighting pounded around the house. As I thought about the day, I heard "Dum da dum da dum". Forcing myself to relax for bed, I was lulled to sleep by that constant sound.

That sound drowned out any fuss, any tears, any fears. As I was preparing to write this, something hit me that caused me stop right there....and think. God is a constant in our lives no matter what we go through. He's there to encourage us to keep going, to push us when we get to comfortable, and to love us in spite of our stupidity.

"I'm still here", he says. No matter where life takes us, that constant sound lets us know we are living. If when life becomes too hectic, that sound beckons us back to that peaceful place that we tucked away in our memory bank from childhood.

Don't let the sounds of negativity and chaos drown out the sound of rain. God brings rain as a time of cleasing and refreshing after the storm. Get ready for the rain!


The Blonde Duck said...

I love rain!