Monday, February 01, 2010

A New Addition

No, silly, not that kind of addition. I'm talking about a new addition to my ever growing collection of medical supplies. I've often joked that I could open up my own medical supply place. I'm excited to announce something that I've wished for a long time. I'm getting a custom made wheelchair!! My pain management doctor said she never would have thought about that causing my pain because that isn't her speciality.

So, just when we thought we were going in circles, we found a doctor who recommended that. Granted, he didn't think about my wheelchair causing my hip pain because it looks like the ones on every hall of the hospital. He said he got to thinking about that though, and I'm so glad he did!

We went last week to get measured for it. They even let me try one out. It was so completely different from the one I have now. They added a few more cushions to support my back. I felt like a completely different person. My back felt like a million bucks! The man that was fitting me said he hated to send me back in my old one, but it has to be approved. I laughed and said we had played the waiting game before.

I know that this is going to make such a difference because I've been telling Mama that I'm sliding down in the wheelchair. Like I told the doctor, we had to find someone who could see what I was saying in order to get a prescription. You can rest assured that I will have pictures when it comes in!

Extra info: School is going well, it's just an adjustment. I'm learning things I never knew about media and learning to think about things from multiple perspectives(which is an invaluable skill). Thanks for all of the comments. Even though I'm taking time to focus on God, my mom is keeping me updated. :)


sybilsanders said...

Madison, so very proud of you. I will be so glad when this chair arrives for you.
Love, Memaw

tam7777 said...

Somethings are right under our noses.